Friday, February 28, 2014

I work 4 days.....

Well actually like all parents I work 7 days a week but I am in paid employment for 4 days per week this year. The week goes so fast with Thursday now becoming my Friday. At the risk of rubbing it in a little as I know there are a couple of jealous mums (well a tiny bit anyway) in the staffroom, I actually underestimated what an impact working 4 days would have on my life outside of school - I didn't think 1 day would make a big difference! The 4day/3day split seems to have doubled the amount of time that I have on my weekends now - not sure how that happened? My household runs so smoothly, the washing is up to date and I am not spending my Sundays cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. Bliss! The best bit is with my big cherubs at school, Fridays are all to myself to plan however I like with no sporting events to run them to, no board games to play and the best bit....I can go to the hairdressers during the day which is what I did today along with starting an inspiration book on 'The Davey Reno 2014!'

And what does this have to do with reflecting on professional practice? It makes me a happier teacher!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I work outside.......

I didn't realise what a joy it was to spend most of my day outside and I didn't realise how very tired I would be every night after school. Being out in the elements is so different to being inside your own classroom decorated to your own taste. I don't get much of a say in how my 'outdoor classroom' looks but I do get to look at the sky, the trees and happy, energetic children wearing red.
I am still educating my students on my 'outdoor classroom' and finding verbal and non-verbal strategies that fit in with the noise of the trucks that drive by! Don't get me wrong though - I am enjoying every single moment of it....including the PE paperwork. Not sure if I will still feel this way in winter, time will tell.
This week in PE we have been working on our bicep muscles as well as sharing, in the junior grades so what better teaching resource to pull out than the parachute. Oh what fun we had alongside of our learning this week with lots of giggles and much energy used. 

What is the best part about the space that you work in?