Friday, February 28, 2014

I work 4 days.....

Well actually like all parents I work 7 days a week but I am in paid employment for 4 days per week this year. The week goes so fast with Thursday now becoming my Friday. At the risk of rubbing it in a little as I know there are a couple of jealous mums (well a tiny bit anyway) in the staffroom, I actually underestimated what an impact working 4 days would have on my life outside of school - I didn't think 1 day would make a big difference! The 4day/3day split seems to have doubled the amount of time that I have on my weekends now - not sure how that happened? My household runs so smoothly, the washing is up to date and I am not spending my Sundays cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. Bliss! The best bit is with my big cherubs at school, Fridays are all to myself to plan however I like with no sporting events to run them to, no board games to play and the best bit....I can go to the hairdressers during the day which is what I did today along with starting an inspiration book on 'The Davey Reno 2014!'

And what does this have to do with reflecting on professional practice? It makes me a happier teacher!

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  1. Hi Gill,
    I was wondering what it had to do with teaching. I once worked 4 days a week and it was great to organise and then have the weekend to enjoy. But now I would have trouble fitting everything into four days and feel behind all the time. Even when I have meetings and PD's on a Friday I end up very behind as I don't get the admin work, policies, equipment care etc done. Being a happy teacher is important as you have said so we all need to be helpful for each other and supportive at school. How can I help? I wonder if we asked that more often how each teacher would feel. Its great to be working in a team with such a variety of teachers each bringing different talents to our children.
    So enjoy your Fridays Gill and its great to see you happy.

    Cheers from Jenny