Thursday, February 20, 2014

I work outside.......

I didn't realise what a joy it was to spend most of my day outside and I didn't realise how very tired I would be every night after school. Being out in the elements is so different to being inside your own classroom decorated to your own taste. I don't get much of a say in how my 'outdoor classroom' looks but I do get to look at the sky, the trees and happy, energetic children wearing red.
I am still educating my students on my 'outdoor classroom' and finding verbal and non-verbal strategies that fit in with the noise of the trucks that drive by! Don't get me wrong though - I am enjoying every single moment of it....including the PE paperwork. Not sure if I will still feel this way in winter, time will tell.
This week in PE we have been working on our bicep muscles as well as sharing, in the junior grades so what better teaching resource to pull out than the parachute. Oh what fun we had alongside of our learning this week with lots of giggles and much energy used. 

What is the best part about the space that you work in?


  1. Nice post Gill. Working outside would be very different. I hope you are slip slop slapping. The space I work in varies and often I don't own it but borrow the space. It is hard to work in a space that isn't yours. Sometimes I rearrange tables ( Tristan sees me do that often) so I have a together space and then can send the students off to work in their space. At reading recovery today they spoke about the learning environment and what it looks like when you enter. Is it a reading recovery space or someone else's place to put things they said. I need to redecorate the reading recovery space so it looks inviting and eye catching. This may be difficult as I'm only there until recess but I'll give it a go.

    My desk has always been an issue also as I don't really have my own desk. A place you can leave things and know it won't be moved or borrowed.(sorry De I do sometimes borrow, I'll try to return)

    I hope everyone is liking their new spaces for teaching and learning this year and realise we still have some teething problems that we need to discuss.

    I'm looking forward to more of your posts Gill especially some art posts. Looks like I'll be scheduling blog time into my week, heavily. Lucky there's nothing on TV most nights.

    Cheers from Jenny

  2. Yes Jen, you are a little like me where we are a bit transient however I have an Art room to return to each day to call my own and set up however I like. Should have mentioned that in the post. I like your idea of making the RR space your own. Will watch to see what you come up with. Tilby makes her classroom so stimulating - something we can all learn from but each to their own as us teachers are all so different with different priorities in our day.
    I think I might alternate one PE post and one Art post but I feel like PE is taking all my attention at the moment and Art deserves some very soon!
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. I always dreaded going outside with my students, especially with the resetting of boundaries.
    I like having my own space. (I think I like that control).

  4. Gill being outside is certainly different! It's a big classroom out there and in the nice weather it's great and when it's not so nice .... you are still out there! It takes me back to my PE days. I like hearing your classes outside. The kids all sound like they are having fun and learning new skills.