Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Organised A School Event.....

Last Friday I organised my first whole school event (not counting the Dahlia & Arts Parade) as the new P.E. teacher. 
The day started with a normal literacy block, recess, walkathon, parent cooked BBQ lunch and then nine rotational activities in the afternoon with multi age groupings.

Luckily the weather gods were on our side and the oval was looking brilliant in it's green glory. I was super organised and got in early to book some SEDA (Sports Education Development Australia) students who were very switched on: helping in classrooms, assisting during the walk and then running their own activities in the afternoon. This helped immensely. I also timed the Grade six students and the prep students a few weeks ago so I could decide on a timeline of events. I was very pleased with the timing of the entire day.

There were so many positives from the day including watching students persist with the walk along the bike track, eating their BBQ lunch with parents who came to watch, help or participate; as well as seeing the colour and noise of 180+ students engaging in physical activity. But the biggest plus for me was seeing the multi-age groups in action. Watching the older students assist the younger ones, encouraging them with You Can Do It terminolgy and keeping them with the group when moving to the next activity. Fabulous!

So a big thank-you to the teachers who all worked very hard running their activities and to the parents who organised the water and BBQ.