Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Want To Talk About 'Houses'.

Not our lovely houses that we all escape to each afternoon when school is done, the students have gone home, our desks are tidied (well some of ours are...), devices are charging, chairs are up, student work displayed, whiteboard turned off, doors locked, things picked up off the floor and for me balls are picked up in the yard and all those other things we do most nights before we head home but I digress!

I want to talk about introducing 'houses' at Epsom PS for the first time in our history. And that is exactly why I want to introduce houses - to start a new chapter in our history. There are discussions to be held about houses creating a competitive atmosphere, there are discussions to be held about houses promoting a sense of belonging and there is the nitty gritty to work out like colours (please not red), names and symbols down the track. How exciting to be changing the course of history at Epsom PS.
Tristan found an interesting little book in the teacher reference library. It is full of great ideas for house names.
Would love to hear your thoughts.....

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